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What is Staking ?

Staking is the process of actively participating in transaction validation (similar to mining) on a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain. On these blockchains, anyone with a minimum-required balance of a specific cryptocurrency can validate transactions and earn Staking rewards.


Yes it is safe. Staking is nearly as profitable as the mining or trading of cryptocurrencies, and without risk. All you have to do is stake (buy & hold) SkyX Token in order to get added to the mining pool. As for profits, the actual profits you can make from staking will depend on how much you vest and for how long.

  • Ease of Use
    We embed new technologies in our app that were carefully evaluated according to the criteria of cost and ease of use.
  • Transfer Securely
    Our app includes a network protocol which establishes an encrypted tunnel allowing to log in to a computer and making data transfer safe.
  • Greater Diversity
    We created our app with all the necessary functions, which helped improve the control over operations and speed up the data exchange process.
  • Strategic
    if you stake until full maturity, and others in your pool withdraw early, you will receive a portion of their rewards that are unclaimed. This means patience is rewarded.
SkyX to Moon : 180 days. 30,000,000
SkyX to Mars : 180 days. 28,000,000
Full Materity Period : 180
Pool Status : OPEN
Pool Term APY SkyX to Moon : 48%
Pool Term APY SkyX to Mars : 68%